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Plastic Surgery in Bucks County, PA, and Hunterdon County, NJ

As you begin to age, you may feel uncomfortable with the changes you are experiencing, and the way you begin to look may begin to concern you. Maintaining a healthy diet, watching your weight and regularly exercising will not completely stop your appearance from changing as you age. If you desire to get a fresh start and a new jumpstart on life, plastic surgery may be exactly what you need. Buinewicz Plastic Surgery, located in Doylestown, PA, and Flemington, NJ, is led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian R. Buinewicz, who offers a full range of plastic surgery procedures for both men and women who reside in Hunterdon County, NJ and Bucks County, PA.

What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is a term used to describe a number of surgical procedures that are designed to reshape and improve one’s physical appearance, as well as help boost an individual’s self-esteem. A healthy attitude and realistic expectations are important, and they will greatly influence and increase the positive outcome of a plastic surgical procedure.

Why Choose Plastic Surgery?

The decision to undergo a plastic surgery procedure to enhance your appearance should not be done in haste or taken lightly. Each person will have their own personal reason for desiring plastic surgery, and each should consider the pros and cons before they make the final decision to undergo an elective plastic surgical procedure. Individuals choose plastic surgery for a number of reasons, some of which include:

  • Improving and restoring a youthful, more attractive appearance.
  • Correcting problems caused by accident or by a birth defect.
  • Toning and reshaping areas with stubborn pockets of fat that have not responded to healthy exercise and diet regimens.

Types of Plastic Surgery Offered at Buinewicz Plastic Surgery

Breast Enhancement

Body Contouring

Facial Surgery 

 What is the Difference Between Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery refers to a small group within plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is a tool for augmenting and reshaping areas of the body. It’s used to improve a patient’s appearance and to also increase their self-image and self-esteem. Most cosmetic surgery is considered by health insurance carriers to be an elective or a personal choice, so the cost of this type of surgery is rarely covered by insurance.

Reconstructive surgery refers to another small group within plastic surgery that corrects problems and abnormalities that are caused by an injury, trauma, tumor, infection, disease, congenital defects or developmental defects. Reconstructive surgeries are often used to provide an individual with a normalized appearance, but they are also used to improve and restore function pertaining to any defects or abnormalities. Health insurance companies may provide policy coverage for reconstructive plastic surgery; however, these policies vary greatly on the amount of financial coverage that is provided, as well as the specific types of plastic reconstructive procedures allowed.

Insurance companies may have variances between procedures that are considered cosmetic in one instance and reconstructive in another. For example, a patient may have eyelid surgery completed, which is often used to improve someone’s appearance. The insurance policy may provide financial coverage for this eyelid surgery if the individual having the surgery completed has eyelids that are considered to be abnormal or to be causing difficulty to their vision. This same eyelid surgery may be considered a cosmetic, elective surgery if it is being used primarily to enhance another patient’s appearance.

How Should I Prepare for Plastic Surgery?

You should prepare for plastic surgery by caring for your health in the following ways:

  1. Smoking greatly hinders the body during the after-surgery recovery. So, you should not start smoking, and if you do smoke, you should stop. Nicotine patches, nicotine gum, and vape e-cigarette use should be stopped four weeks before your surgery. Avoid being in closed areas where others are smoking, as well.
  2. Stay in good health, and avoid catching a cold or other illness. Your surgery will need to be postponed if you are sick.
  3. Stay active before the surgery, but avoid strenuous exercise or engaging in a new sport. Take a long walk daily and continue to routinely follow a low impact exercise plan after the surgery is completed.
  4. Enjoy a well-balanced diet, avoid the excessive use of alcohol and avoid overindulging on food. It is not the time to start a weight loss diet before the surgery, simply continue to maintain a well-balanced diet. If you are considering starting a new supplement before the surgery, contact the practice and speak to someone on the staff.

Will Health Insurance Cover My Plastic Surgery?

Keep in mind that there are some plastic surgical procedures that may be considered either elective or medically necessary depending on the patient’s reason for undergoing the surgical procedure. If drooping eyelids are affecting your vision, it is more likely that the surgery will be deemed medically necessary rather than elective. Elective surgery is primarily used to improve your appearance, and medically necessary surgery is used to change or improve a defect.

Health insurance companies do not generally provide coverage for elective plastic surgery that it is not medically necessitated. For more details on your insurance coverage, contact your insurance company. Partial coverage may be included in your policy for specific plastic procedures.

If your procedure is only partially covered or not covered at all, we have several flexible payment opportunities. Payments by check, cash, major credit cards or flexible payment plans are accepted for our customer’s convenience. We are here to assist you.

Dr. Buinewicz offers a number of cosmetic surgical procedures. Contact Buinewicz Plastic Surgery, located in Doylestown, PA, and Flemington, NJ, where we provide men and women who live in or around Hunterdon County, NJ or Bucks County, PA with plastic surgery solutions that give them the results that they desire.