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Male Blepharoplasty
in Bucks County, PA, and Hunterdon County, NJ

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty has become one of the most requested plastic surgeries performed on men. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian R. Buinewicz of Buinewicz Plastic Surgery, located in Doylestown, PA, and Flemington, NJ, brings years of experience, expertise, and skill to his plastic surgery practice serving male patients in Hunterdon County, NJ and Bucks County, PA.

What is Blepharoplasty for Men?

Male blepharoplasty, also known as male eyelid surgery, has been growing in popularity. It has become one of the most requested plastic surgery procedures by men. Most people find that the eye area is one of the first places they notice the signs of aging. Wrinkles and sagging skin around the eyes makes a man look older and even less alert. Blepharoplasty can reverse this by removing saggy skin and fatty deposits around both the upper and lower eyelid and the areas around the eyes.

Benefits of Blepharoplasty for Men

When a man undergoes blepharoplasty, the results make him appear less tired, younger, and more alert. Wrinkles and saggy skin around your eyes make you look old and tired, and this can affect how people perceive you at work or even in your social life. Blepharoplasty systematically and easily improves the following issues:

  • Sagging or baggy skin around the eyebrows and upper eyelids.
  • Wrinkles and droopy skin around the corners of the eyes.
  • Dark spots or puffy areas under the lower eyelids.
  • Eye bags around the lower eyelids.

Who is a Good Candidate for Blepharoplasty for Men

If you are generally healthy, and you don’t have any pre-existing eye conditions or allergies that would interfere with the healing process, you could be a perfect candidate for blepharoplasty. Most men undergo blepharoplasty after the age of 35, but it can be done at any age.

How Is Male Blepharoplasty Performed?

Dr. Buinewicz will make a small incision right below your lower eyelashes. This incision will be hidden in the fold of the upper eyelid, and he will use it to remove the unwanted fatty tissue and excess skin. This will give you a tighter more youthful look. If needed, he will relocate some of the fatty tissue to the eyelids to create a smooth contour.

Why Choose Dr. Buinewicz for Blepharoplasty for Men?

Blepharoplasty is performed on both men and women, but the surgeries shouldn’t be treated in exactly the same way for both sexes. A man’s eyebrows and eyelids aren’t shaped or contoured the same way as a woman’s. Men, for the most part, are more heavily muscled than women, and they also tend to have thicker skin. Dr. Buinewicz has spent many years performing blepharoplasty on both men and women, so he understands the distinct differences between the facial features of men and women. He is very experienced in working with male patients and can achieve the masculine look his male blepharoplasty clients desire.

How Much Does Blepharoplasty Cost?

Eyelid surgery will vary in cost between patients. There are many factors to take into account when determining the cost of blepharoplasty, including the extent of the procedure being done and what areas of the eye are being corrected. Buinewicz Plastic Surgery offers several payment options in place to make sure the surgery is attainable for all their patients, including personal checks, cash, major credit cards and financing.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian R. Buinewicz performs blepharoplasty for men, as well as several other plastic surgery procedures at his Buinewicz Plastic Surgery offices located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and Flemington, New Jersey. Dr. Buinewicz has spent years providing both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures for the residents of Hunterdon County, New Jersey, and Bucks County, Pennsylvania. If you are interested in male blepharoplasty or any other procedure, please contact our office today.