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Lip Filler
Enhance Your Pout for a Fuller, Plumper, and Smoother Look and Feel in the Philadelphia Area

Lip fillers are popular at the Philadelphia area's Buinewicz Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa. The injectables are used to add fullness and plumpness to the lips, as well as to improve their shape and symmetry. Lip fillers are also often used to reduce signs of aging in the area around the mouth by smoothing fine lines.

Board-certified physicians Dr. Anna Buinewicz and Dr. Brian Buinewicz are highly experienced injectors at our medspa and devoted to providing individualized care for truly customized and beautiful lip filler results. We train in advanced techniques and are always looking forward on behalf of our patients so we can emphasize safety, comfort, and shaping lips that look naturally full.

To request lip filler in Doylestown, Flemington, and the greater Philadelphia area, contact Buinewicz Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa—with offices in Bucks County, PA, and Flemington, NJ—by calling 215.647.9668 or sending a message online.

What Is Lip Filler?

Dermal fillers are injectable treatments used to add volume to various areas of the face. Lip fillers focus specifically on the mouth. At Buinewicz Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa, we offer multiple options for lip fillers, including Juvéderm®, Restylane®, and RHA® by Revance. All are gels made of hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a substance made naturally by the body to provide hydration and other benefits. Each product has unique characteristics, allowing the doctors to choose the best product to match your desires.

When injected into the lips, hyaluronic acid-based lip fillers provide volume that is noticeable right away, as well as renewed moisture levels as the HA molecules in the gel hold onto up to 1,000 times their own weight in water. The result is a pillowy, dewy look.

What Are the Differences Between the Lip Filler Options at the Philadelphia Area's Buinewicz Cosmetic Surgery?

Although the brands we offer for lip enhancement both have a hyaluronic acid base, they also provide unique benefits.

RHA® by Revance

RHA® by Revance is a line of fillers made of an especially resilient form of hyaluronic acid, designed to be very elastic and pliable. This allows the gel to adapt and move naturally with the surrounding tissue, even in high-motion areas of the face, such as the mouth. RHA® 3 focuses on adding volume to the lips, with results that can last for about 15 months.


Volbella® XC is this line's lip-focused filler. The gel is designed for lip augmentation, as well as to correct lipstick lines or vertical lip lines around the mouth. Results can last up to 12 months with optimal treatment. The "XC" in the name indicates that it is made with a small amount of lidocaine, which helps to improve patient comfort during the injection process. Ultra XC is another option from the same manufacturer, offering similar lip-plumping results and duration.


Kysse is a hyaluronic acid-based lip filler in the Restylane® family, made to add volume, improving the shape of the lips, and even enhance lip color, with results lasting up to one year. This lip filler is ideal for better defining the "Cupid's bow" at the top of the lips, as well as improving symmetry. Other fillers in this line can also be used for lip augmentation, including Silk and Restylane-L.

What Is the Lip Filler Experience?

During an initial consultation to discuss your goals for lip enhancement, we will discuss your various options and help you to choose the lip filler that's best for you.

For the actual injections, we will mark the areas of the lips to be treated, then administer either topical or injectable gentle numbing agents—if desired—in order to make the process more comfortable. Our doctors use a very fine needle to introduce the lip filler itself into the marked areas, always with an eye for balance and beautiful proportions.

In order to get an ideally natural-looking enhancement, we may recommend a multi-step process that involves two injection sessions. We "start small," since it is easier to add more volume for a patient who wants a fuller look than to take it away if someone feels their lips are enhanced beyond what they would like. That said, it is possible to dissolve hyaluronic acid-based filler gel with a special chemical known as hyaluronidase.

What Happens After Getting Lip Fillers?

The volume added by hyaluronic acid injections can be seen as soon as it is injected, but some initial post-injection swelling can cause the lips to appear fuller than they will be for the months to follow. This swelling—and other side effects—will resolve on their own within days, after which you will see the enhanced fullness, shape, and symmetry.

There is no need for down time or recuperation after getting lip fillers. There are some aftercare best practices for maintaining your lips, which we will go over with you in person.

Are There More Injectable Dermal Fillers Available?

Our spa services include a range of fillers, including collagen-inducing Radiesse® for volumizing the midface and backs of the hands, volume-adding Belotero®, and biostimulating Sculptra®. We also offer fat transfer, which involves collecting a patient's own fat cells for adding volume elsewhere in the body or face.

For lip fillers in the Philadelphia area—Doylestown in Bucks County, PA, or Flemington in Hunterdon County, NJ—call Buinewicz Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa at 215.647.9668 or send a message online.