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in Bucks County, PA, and Hunterdon County, NJ

The newest and most innovative dermal injectable filler on the market today is Belotero®. It is used to return your face back to its once youthful look. The Med Spa at Buinewicz Plastic Surgery, conveniently located in Doylestown, PA as well as Flemington, New Jersey, led by Dr. Anna Buinewicz, a board-certified family physician, is proud to offer Belotero® to those living in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, and Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

What Is Belotero®?

Belotero® is an injectable dermal filler approved by the FDA to be used as a way to erase wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth and nose. Belotero® is one of the only injectable fillers to contain hyaluronic acid, which is a substance that your body produces in order to hydrate your skin as it binds with the moisture in your body. Belotero® encourages the natural hydration of your skin, which in turn will restore the plump and smooth face of your youth. As hydration of your skin increases, it will gradually cause fine lines and wrinkles to go away.

Benefits Of Belotero®

Belotero® slows the return of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging that appear near the mouth and nose. It is the perfect product for those who want to treat their skin using its natural hydration system. It is a minimally invasive procedure, and the results are very natural. Benefits of Belotero® injections are:

  • Does not affect regular facial expressions or movement
  • Delivers results right away
  • Erases fine lines and deep wrinkles
  • The results show up gradually making them feel and look very natural
  • Is a safe procedure that takes little time and requires no anesthesia
  • Very little downtime

Who Is A Good Candidate For Belotero®?

If you are tired of those fine lines and creases around your mouth and nose, Belotero® could be the perfect answer. It has proven to work well on individuals who have wrinkles around their mouth because of sun damage or years of smoking. Belotero® is not recommended for those who have previous or severe allergies, especially any that could cause anaphylaxis. It is also not for people who have allergies to gram-positive bacterial proteins.

How Should I Prepare For Belotero®?

It is important to disclose to the staff any medications or supplements that you are currently on, especially if you take any kind of medication that can affect blood clotting. This would include aspirin, blood thinners, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications or supplements that affect the immune system. It is also important to let the doctor know if you currently are suffering from any type of skin irritations. If you have a cold sore, cyst, hives, rash, acne or any kind of topical infection, we can postpone your treatment until you are well.

How Is Belotero® Administered?

Belotero® is administered through a fine-gauge needle. The doctor can use a topical cream to numb the area if you need many injections. Dr. Anna Buinewicz will inject Belotero® into carefully selected sites in order to get the most natural looking results.

You will notice an improvement in your skin right away. There will be less lines and wrinkles visible right after treatment. The hyaluronic acid will continue binding to the moisture in your skin causing further reduction of wrinkles over the following days. For many clients, one treatment is all that is needed to restore a youthful appearance, but some patients choose to have a second treatment after six months.

How Much Does Belotero® Cost?

Buinewicz Plastic Surgery offers several financing options so that all of their clients can find a way to get the treatment they desire. You can work with our patient coordinator to decipher the treatment costs and determine the payment option that works for you. We accept cash, credit cards, and personal checks.

If you have started to see the signs of aging around your nose and mouth and you live in Hunterdon County, New Jersey or Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the staff at Buinewicz Plastic Surgery can help. Call our office today for a consultation with Dr. Buinewicz and learn more about Belotero®. You can reach us at either one of our convenient locations in Doylestown, Pennsylvania or Flemington, New Jersey.