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Rhinoplasty Before and After Pictures
in Bucks County, PA, and Hunterdon County, NJ

Are you unhappy with the overall appearance of your nose? A rhinoplasty by Dr. Brian Buinewicz can help you achieve your desired results. Contact our offices in Hunterdon County, NJ, and Bucks County, PA to learn more about scheduling an appointment at Buinewicz Plastic Surgery.

If you feel your nose is too larger, too small, crooked, slanted, too thin, too wide, or are just simply unhappy with its overall appearance, a rhinoplasty may be for you. Dr. Buinewicz can perform a rhinoplasty surgery within roughly two hours, and during the procedure, he can reshape cartilage, tissue, and skin around the bone to help patients achieve their ideal nose shape and size. Rhinoplasty can correct birth defects or injuries sustained over time as well as any fix any imperfections you may dislike.

Below, our picture gallery features before and after pictures of real patients of Dr. Buinewicz.

Rhinoplasty, Case 1

Rhinoplasty, Case 2

Rhinoplasty, Case 3

Rhinoplasty, Case 4

Brian Buinewicz is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon that performs rhinoplasty procedures on patients who are unhappy with their nose or nostrils. If you live in or around Hunterdon County, NJ or Bucks County, PA, feel free to contact one of our offices to schedule a consultation!