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Brow Lift in Bucks County, PA & Hunterdon County, NJ

Is a Brow Lift Right for Me?

Did you know that one of the first areas on the face to suffer from signs of aging is the forehead? Over time, gravity and stress take their toll, causing drooping of the skin and soft tissues around the eyebrows and wrinkling on the forehead itself. Buinewicz Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa, located in Doylestown, PA, and Flemington, NJ, and led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian R. Buinewicz, helps Hunterdon County, New Jersey, and Bucks County, Pennsylvania residents fight the effects of aging with the brow lift. The brow lift, also known as the forehead lift, works to restore your youthful appearance by lifting your brow and smoothing forehead wrinkles.

What is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift, also known as an eyebrow lift, gives a more youthful contour to the forehead, upper eyelids, and eyebrows by tightening the skin soft tissue in these areas. There are many brow-lift techniques, which involve making different length incisions in different locations. A younger-looking brow, at rest, is positioned above the eye, with a gradual arch lengthwise, and the ‘tail’ of the brow located higher than the central point. As a person grows older, it is typical for the brow to assume a horizontal position. A sagging brow often inhibits your ability to express emotions. Therefore, a brow lift is a proven method for rejuvenating a person's entire facial appearance and improving the ability to demonstrate facial expression. Thousands of cosmetic surgery patients undergo brow lifts in the U.S. each year and are amazed by their results.

What are the Types of Brow Lift Surgery?

There are three main brow lift surgery techniques, which we can help you choose between based on your treatment goals.


Traditional Brow Lift

The traditional brow lift, also called an open brow lift, involves making an incision across the forehead within the hairline. The skin, muscle and soft tissue on the forehead is lifted up, then the excess skin and underlying tissue is removed and tightened. This technique allows the brow area to be repositioned higher with optimal results. However, the long scar across the forehead is the main drawback. Recovery also takes longer due to more extensive dissection.


Endoscopic Brow Lift

With the endoscopic brow lift, several small incisions are made in the scalp. A tiny camera called an endoscope is inserted to guide the surgery. Tissue is repositioned and secured with sutures or anchors. No skin is removed. The main advantage is no visible scarring since incisions are hidden in the hair. However, results may not be as dramatic or long-lasting as an open brow lift. Healing time is a bit quicker due to less surgery.


Limited Incision Brow Lift

This minimally invasive brow lift involves making small incisions along the temples in the hairline. The temporal and forehead tissues are lifted upward and secured. Skin can be removed in the temple area if necessary. The temporal approach limits scarring while allowing moderate brow elevation. Results may not be as significant or last as long as an open brow lift. Healing is faster with minimal downtime.

What Can a Brow Lift Accomplish?

  • Corrects a sagging brow and eyelid hooding.
  • Raises the eyebrows to a position previously held.
  • Gives the patient an overall more pleasant, happier resting facial expression.

Are You A Candidate For A Brow Lift?

The best candidates for a brow lift are those who:

  • Have excess skin, wrinkles, and fat deposits in the forehead and brow area
  • Are experiencing sagging or drooping brows
  • Look sad or angry due to drooping brows

Why Choose Dr. Buinewicz?

Surgeon experience is one of the utmost qualities to consider when seeking a brow lift surgeon. Dr. Buinewicz is a triple board certified plastic surgeon, demonstrating expertise in all qualities of facial cosmetic surgery. With over 25 years of plastic surgery experience, he has performed hundreds of brow lift procedures and is passionate about furthering education in the cosmetic surgery community. Read more about Dr. Buinewicz’s experience or explore patient reviews.

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Questions For Your Consult

How Long After a Brow Lift Consultation Is the Surgery?

Generally, the time between your consultation and your brow lift surgery will be somewhere between 1 and 6 weeks. The exact time between the two will depend on a few factors. One major factor is our practice availability, as Dr. Buinewicz performs your entire procedure. Additionally, some patients may need a few weeks to fully prepare for surgery, which may include discontinuing the use of certain vitamins, drugs and medications that can negatively interfere with treatment.

How Much Does a Brow Lift Cost?

The average cost of brow lift surgery varies from one community to the other with some small variations. Factors, such as the facility where the brow lift will be performed, type of anesthesia and other issues, come to bear on the final cost of the brow lift surgery. Hunterdon County and Bucks County brow lifts vary in price range according to these factors. Buinewicz Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa makes brow lift surgery procedures available and affordable for everyone. Our office provides a wide array of payment options, including easy financing. We also accept cash, major credit cards and personal checks for brow lifts and other procedures.

Plastic Surgery in Bucks County, PA and Hunterdon County, NJ

What Happens During Brow Lift Surgery?

The brow lift surgery process will vary whether you are receiving an open brow lift, endoscopic brow lift or limited incision brow lift. However, these procedures typically require the same preparation. The hair will be tied back with rubber bands around the incision area, when necessary. Dr. Buinewicz will then make the predetermined incisions, which are discussed with you prior to the procedure. Your forehead skin is gently raised, and parts of facial muscle and excess tissues are removed. The incisions are then stitched closed.

How Long is Brow Lift Recovery?

Brow lift recovery is shorter than many plastic surgery procedures, but there are still activity restrictions and healing stages to observe before resuming normal routines. Additionally, it’s important to remember that the recovery process will vary slightly depending on the type of brow lift surgery performed. Here is a general brow lift recovery timeline:

Week 1
In the first week following brow lift surgery, head elevation and cold compresses will be used to control swelling and bruising around the eyes and forehead. Bandages remain in place to allow incisions to close and heal. Only limited movement is advised to avoid disrupting wounds. Pain is mild, but medication can help ease discomfort.

Brow lift in Bucks County, PA and Hunterdon County, NJ

Weeks 2-4
Sutures are removed at follow-up appointments around 1-2 weeks post-op. Swelling and bruising start to decrease during this time. Daily activities can be resumed slowly and carefully after 2 weeks, but no heavy lifting. Some patients may return to work if it is not physically demanding. Hair washing and styling should be avoided if incisions are present within the scalp.

Weeks 4-6
Most patients feel comfortable returning to work after 4 weeks, as long as it is not physically demanding. If so, most patients can ease back into work by approximately 6 weeks, at which time exercise can also be resumed gradually. Swelling continues to resolve but may persist around the eyes. Bruising and discomfort should be minimal.

2 Months and Beyond
After 8 weeks, all activity can be resumed including cardiovascular and strength training exercise. Make sure to follow your surgeon's specific guidelines on restrictions based on your healing. Your final results are fully visible within 2-3 months as residual swelling disappears.

Post Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Age to Get a Brow Lift?

The best age for a brow lift will vary by patient, and will be whenever you feel that you can benefit most from the included procedures. Most patients find this age to be somewhere between 40 and 60 years old. Patients in their 40s and 50s tend to start noticing early signs of forehead and brow aging in the form of wrinkles, frown lines, and subtle drooping of the eyebrows. Patients in this age range still have decent skin elasticity so that the repositioned brow can conform to a natural, smooth appearance without excess sagging skin after the procedure. Getting a brow lift done in the 40-60 age range allows patients to enjoy an extended period of rejuvenated results before further aging progresses, although there is no strict age cutoff.

Does a Brow Lift Change Eye Shape?

A brow lift does not significantly alter the shape or size of the eyes themselves. However, repositioning the brows to a higher position can make the eyes appear more open, refreshed and youthful. It accomplishes this by lifting the brow position, not through direct changes to the eyes themselves. If you are struggling with excess upper eyelid skin, a blepharoplasty may be a good solution and can be performed in conjunction with a brow lift. Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, can complement the rejuvenated brow by refreshing the eye area.

How Long Does a Brow Lift Last?

While a brow lift does not produce permanent results, when performed properly on the right candidate, the outcomes can last a significant length of time. With optimal surgical technique, many patients enjoy rejuvenated brows for up to 10 years or longer before some recurring droopiness and relaxation becomes evident. Those who get a brow lift in their 40s or 50s will tend to have more longevity of their results versus those who get one later in life when the aging changes are more advanced. Protecting the skin from sun damage, keeping up a proper skincare regimen, and avoiding environmental aging factors like smoking can extend the longevity of your brow lift results.

If you live in Hunterdon County, NJ or Bucks County, PA and are unhappy with the appearance of wrinkles or lines on your forehead, a sagging brow, or other signs of aging on the upper third of your face, consider a brow lift to achieve a tighter, fresher, more youthful appearance. Contact our Doylestown, PA, and Flemington, NJ office today to schedule your one-on-one consultation appointment with Dr. Buinewicz and discover if a brow lift is the right procedure for you.