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Remove Unwanted Fat and Sculpt Slimmer, Sleeker Contours in the Philadelphia Area

From love handles to a bulging belly to extra padding on the hips to a double chin, it seems like just about everyone has some excess fat they wish would go away. Unfortunately, while consistent diet and exercise are ideal for health, some fat cells are considered "stubborn" and stick around despite our best efforts to get rid of them. For pockets of diet-resistant fat, women and men alike can choose liposuction at the Philadelphia area's Buinewicz Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Brian Buinewicz is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon who has been performing liposuction procedures and more for about three decades, using his thorough education, considerable experience, and natural artistic eye to provide patients with slimmer, natural-looking, more proportioned body contours.

To request a consultation for liposuction in Doylestown, Flemington, and the greater Philadelphia area, contact Buinewicz Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa—with offices in Bucks County, PA, and Flemington, NJ—by calling 215.647.9668 or sending a message online.

What Is Liposuction?

To understand liposuction, it's helpful to first have an idea of how fat acts in the body. When you lose weight via lifestyle changes, fat cells shrink as their contents are used for fuel and energy. The cells themselves don't go anywhere. When you gain weight, fat cells can grow larger again as they store more triglycerides for potential future use.

Liposuction makes a difference for anyone struggling to achieve their ideal body contours, because the procedure physically removes fat cells that would otherwise just shrink and grow. Taking these cells from the targeted area reduces the volume there, leaving fewer cells to change size based on calorie intake.

It is important to note that fat cells are not "loose" in the body, but are fixed in position where they grow. In order to remove them, Dr. Buinewicz must first free or break them up. Once dislodged, they can be suctioned out.

It is also important to note that liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure. The surgery is intended for cosmetic results only.

What Are the Details of Liposuction at the Philadelphia Area's Buinewicz Cosmetic Surgery?

Dr. Buinewicz will first lead a consultation to determine whether liposuction is the best procedure for you. He will explain everything you need to know about preparation, liposuction cost, side effects, risks, and expected results. Once fat-reduction surgery is decided on, you will work together to make a plan.

The surgery itself starts with an anesthetic. You will be given either general or local anesthesia, after which Dr. Buinewicz will make the necessary incisions in the target area. Wetting solution, which is basically a dilute local anesthesia solution, helps to lubricate the fat to make removal easier, as well as helps reduce any bleeding. He will then insert a specially designed tube, known as a cannula, through an incision. This tube will be used to loosen the fat cells, then to suction them out once they are free.

After the appropriate amount of fat has been removed, he will close the incisions. The entire procedure generally takes anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the area or areas being treated.

Patient Before & Afters

Liposuction Before and After Pictures in Bucks County, PA and Hunterdon County, NJ
Liposuction Before and After Pictures Bucks County, PA and Hunterdon County, NJ

What Happens After Liposuction?

Be aware that because of the physical work needed to loosen and remove stubborn fat, there will be bruising, swelling, and discomfort in the days after your procedure. These side effects will peak in the three days following the liposuction surgery, after which they will begin to subside. Be sure to take prescribed pain medications and to wear compression garments as directed throughout this time. Rest and recuperation are important.

Any stiches will be removed by about a week into your recovery period. You will be able to resume some light activities at this point, with improvements continuing through weeks two and three. This is also when the bruising should have faded, but swelling may persist. This will keep you from seeing the newly slimmed contours.

Once the treated area is no longer swollen or numb—generally about a month after the liposuction procedure—you can resume any activities you want, including exercise. Physical activity is actually recommended!

Swelling should resolve by about three months, at which point you will be able to clearly see the results. Your new contours are best maintained by sticking with a healthy diet and exercise routine. Remember that gaining weight can cause the remaining fat cells to grow again, diminishing your results.

Why Choose Buinewicz Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa for Liposuction in the Philadelphia Area?

Beautiful results take more than just a visit with a doctor who knows the basics of liposuction. Dr. Brian Buinewicz is not just a plastic surgeon with three decades of experience in surgical fat reduction. He has also achieved triple board certification, which is a voluntary process that ensures he is offering top-level care to every patient.

Why Choose Dr. Buinewicz?

Surgeon experience is one of the utmost qualities to consider when seeking a liposuction surgeon. Dr. Buinewicz is a triple board certified plastic surgeon, demonstrating expertise in all qualities of cosmetic surgery. With over 25 years of plastic surgery experience, he has performed hundreds of cosmetic procedures and is passionate about furthering education in the cosmetic surgery community. Read more about Dr. Buinewicz’s experience or explore patient reviews.

If you live in Hunterdon County, NJ, or Bucks County, PA, and have found yourself frustrated with stubborn pockets of body fat, then the team here at Buinewicz Plastic Surgery, located in Doylestown, PA, and Flemington, NJ, is ready to help. Please contact us today to speak with Dr. Buinewicz about this popular cosmetic procedure.

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Are There More Body Procedures Besides Liposuction Available?

There are nonsurgical options we offer at Buinewicz Cosmetic Surgery for body contouring and fat reduction, such as EmSculpt NEO. Patients considering liposuction may have body contouring goals beyond what fat reduction can accomplish. Lax skin, which can be stretched out due to years of excess fat beneath, often remains in areas where volume is reduced. This excess tissue can be removed with a procedure such as a tummy tuck, body lift, or brachioplasty (for the upper arms). Many of these options can be combined along with breast surgery, such as augmentation or a breast lift, for a post-pregnancy Mommy Makeover.

No matter your hopes for your breast, body, and face contours, Dr. Brian Buinewicz can work with you to develop a plan designed to help you achieve the look you want to present to the world.

For liposuction in the Philadelphia area—Doylestown in Bucks County, PA, or Flemington in Hunterdon County, NJ—call Buinewicz Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa at 215.647.9668 or send a message online.