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in Bucks County, PA, and Hunterdon County, NJ

EMSCULPT NEO® Edge™ is the newest addition to the EMSCULPT NEO® body contouring system. These new attachments can deliver improved results in the abdomen and obliques for further body contouring benefits. At Buinewicz Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer the new EMSCULPT NEO® Edge™ applicators to the men and women in Bucks County, PA, and Hunterdon County, NJ.

What is EMSCULPT NEO® Edge™?

EMSCULPT NEO® Edge™ is the newest addition to the EMSCULPT NEO® body contouring system. EMSCULPT NEO® has provided unrivaled results in body contouring with its ability to simultaneously burn fat and build muscle. This is done with a combination of radiofrequency (RF) and high intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy, which heats and destroys fat while triggering muscle contractions to strengthen and grow the muscles.

The new EMSCULPT NEO® Edge™ applicators improve the EMSCULPT NEO® system by offering a dedicated application for the curvier areas of the body, such as:

  • Lateral abdomen/obliques
  • Waist
  • Love handles
  • Inner and outer thighs

EMSCULPT NEO® produces an average of a 30% fat reduction and 25% increase in muscle.

What are the Benefits of EMSCULPT NEO® Edge™?

  • Targeted treatment for the obliques, waist and thighs
  • Improved posture
  • Improved core strength
  • Reduction in back pain
  • 30% reduction in fat
  • 25% increase in muscle
  • Non-surgical
  • 30 minutes per treatment

Who is a Candidate for EMSCULPT NEO® Edge™?

Because EMSCULPT NEO® Edge™ is a gentle, non-invasive treatment, it is safe and effective for almost anyone. If you are interested in reducing fat, building muscle and enhancing muscle definition, particularly in the obliques, waist or thighs, you may be a good candidate for treatment. The best way to determine if EMSCULPT NEO® Edge™ is right for you is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Buinewicz so that you can discuss your treatment goals one-on-one.

What is the EMSCULPT NEO® Edge™ Procedure Like?

EMSCULPT NEO® Edge™ is performed using applicator pads that are placed on the skin’s surface. The Edge™ applicator pads are specifically designed for curvy areas of the body, which makes them suitable for larger areas like the abdomen or thighs. After application of the pads, the EMSCULPT NEO® system will emit RF and HIFEM energy. Many patients compare this feeling to a hot stone massage, with intense muscle contractions and a heating sensation. You’ll be able to lay down for the duration of the 30-minute treatment session.

When Will I See Results from EMSCULPT NEO® Edge™?

With EMSCULPT NEO® Edge™ you’ll begin to see results within a few weeks of treatment, with full results becoming visible approximately 3 months after your final treatment session. We typically recommend a series of 4 treatments, each administered one week apart. Fortunately, there is no downtime or recovery period after EMSCULPT NEO® Edge™ treatments, so patients have no issue fitting the treatment regimen into their normal routine.

What is the Cost of EMSCULPT NEO® Edge™?

The cost of your EMSCULPT NEO® Edge™ treatments is based on the plan that you develop with Dr. Buinewicz during your consultation. This plan includes the number and frequency of treatments based on your cosmetic goals. We can provide a specific cost after your consultation appointment. Buinewicz Plastic Surgery accepts cash, personal checks, and credit cards. We also offer financing options for EMSCULPT NEO® Edge™ treatments and our other services.

Buinewicz Plastic Surgery offers EMSCULPT NEO® Edge™ treatments to the men and women in Bucks County, PA, and Hunterdon County, NJ. If you would like to learn more about the advantages of EMSCULPT NEO® Edge™ compared to other body contouring treatments, or if you have any questions, please contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Buinewicz.