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Visia Complexion Analysis

A patient can only get an optimized outcome when they fully comprehend the skin damage. In order to get an accurate idea of existing skin damage, the staff at Buinewicz Plastic Surgery proudly offers the VISIA® skin analysis system. This system gives patients a precise look at the characteristics and issues of their skin.

Understanding Your Treatment

With the use of VISIA® the team can get an up close and personal look at your skin’s unique needs, using a noninvasive, high-tech, digital photography process. The quick and painless analysis is followed by a consultation with our team, in which together you will determine a highly individualized plan of action to help you achieve all of your aesthetic dreams.

VISIA® Analysis is best for:

  • Assessing skin properties
  • Developing individualized skin treatment programs
  • Tracking skin improvements and evolution

What Happens During Treatment?

The VISIA® skin analysis system is painless and can be performed in office in a matter of minutes. You start the process by cleansing your face to remove anything that might affect the quality of the pictures. Next, you sit in a comfortable chair in the VISIA® imaging booth while several pictures are taken from different angles and directions. Once they are taken, a computerized depiction of your skin develops. These images use state of the art means to reveal skin issues such as sun spots or discoloration.

Personalized Skin Rejuvenation Program

Using the information contained in the results, we will work with you to create a detailed and individualized skin rejuvenation program. With VISIA® your results help you to see what your current issues are, enabling you to develop a plan of action for treatment. They also allow you to track your improvement as you re-do the analysis throughout your treatment program.

Procedure Time

• 10 to 15 minutes

Will I Experience Any Discomfort During the Session?

VISIA® is non-invasive. It simply since creates focused images of your skin, with no discomfort

What Are the Side Effects?

VISIA® skin analysis has absolutely no side effects.

How Often Should VISIA® Be Performed?

VISIA® can be performed as often as you would like. It can be a once only event in which you use it as a diagnostic tool. It can also be used to systematically monitor the progress of your treatment plan.