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Doylestown Residents Ask: Should I Be Worried About Getting Breast Implants?

With the rise in popularity of women talking about breast implant illness, you may be concerned about the risks and side effects of breast implants. The few number of women who have self-diagnosed themselves with breast implant illness have created a large stir of conversation. While breast implant illness is recognized among many physicians, there is no medical diagnosis of it.

What is Breast Implant Illness?

Breast implant illness is a grouping of symptoms and side effects related to breast implants. These complications are few and far between, but they are still present and need to be discussed. This illness often comes from the rupture, infection, or inflammation of an implant or the tissues around it. It is uncommon, but it does happen. A rupture of an implant can come from severe trauma to the chest or from a faulty implant. It is important to seek medical attention right away if you think a breast implant has ruptured or is leaking.

Is Breast Implant Illness an Official Diagnosis?

No, breast implant illness is not an official medical diagnosis. Breast implant illness is the manifestation of symptoms or complications that a woman experiences after a breast implant procedure. These complications are rare and do not happen to every woman. There is no set criteria for being classified or diagnosis with breast implant illness because it has yet to be classified in the medical field.

How Many Women Experience Breast Implant Illness?

It is reported that thousands of women have claimed to have breast implant illness in online forums. This comes from the millions of women who get breast implants. While there is no scientific proof behind the claims of breast implant illness, it is important to recognize that some women do face discomfort and illnesses that may be related to their implant procedure. There is no official number of breast implant illness cases, but we can only suspect that the number will be available if and when there is a medical diagnosis for this illness.

How Many Breast Implants are Performed in the United States?

On average, there are about 300,000 breast implant procedures performed in the United States each year. That is nearly 5,800 procedures a week and 800 per day. That is a lot of women who still trust in the expertise of their doctor to perform this surgery.

Is Dr. Buinewicz a Leader in Treating Breast Implant Illness?

With all of that being said, you may be wondering if Dr. Brian Buinewicz is a trusted physician to perform a breast implant procedure. The answer is yes. Dr. Buinewicz has more than 23 years of experience as a plastic surgeon. He is praised as a leader in treating breast implant illness. He also is recognized as a leader in aesthetics and plastic surgery. He has performed countless numbers of breast-enhancing procedures as well as other cosmetic surgeries.

What are Alternatives to Breast Implants?

If breast implants aren’t right for you, we offer other breast-enhancing procedures, such as a breast lift or breast reconstruction. These procedures do not require any silicone or saline implants. A breast lift simply uses your own pre-existing breasts and lifts them to change the direction and shape. Breast reconstruction can be performed for many reasons, but is designed to reshape the breasts without implants.

Are you considering breast implants or another breast enhancing procedure? Contact us at Buinewicz Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa. We are happy to help women enhance their natural look and help them to feel beautiful again.


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