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Reasons Why Your Next Improvement Project Should Be You

Plastic Surgery in Bucks County, PA, and Hunterdon County, NJ

People say that the lines on your face add character. But at a certain point, like when those lines begin to droop and sag, you have to start wondering if maybe you’ve got too much “character”.

Are you worried that your fine lines are turning into disconcerting grooves? That your age-related skin issues are becoming a distraction from your actual character? Maybe it’s time you started thinking seriously about some of the amazingly advanced treatments that are now available to men of distinction.

Unfortunately for us guys, there aren’t any do-it-yourself solutions to these kinds of problems. At least, none that are actually effective despite what you might have read online. But there is good news… when it comes to “daddy makeovers,” men have a wealth of options that weren’t available to their fathers. If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and saw your dad looking back at you, take heart in the fact that it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.

Think of it like a DIY project for your body. Just like a big project around the house, it’ll be work you can take pride in. Only, just like with plumbing, find a qualified professional to do the work. Instead of “do it yourself”, we’ll label these improvements “do it for yourself”.

Here are just four of the many ‘DIFY’ procedures available to men. And keep an open mind, you might just be surprised by what’s possible!

Blepharoplasty – Big Word for a Small Procedure

One of the most commonly requested plastic surgery procedures for men, blepharoplasty addresses the thing people first notice about someone new – your eyes. As men age, wrinkles and sagging skin can detract from whatever you hope your eyes might be trying to communicate. The truth is these conditions leave others with the impression you’re not fully alert. Whether it’s your boss or your spouse, that’s not the sort of thing you want to convey inadvertently.

For men who undergo eyelid surgery, they commonly appear younger and more fully alert, even more trustworthy. What’s not to like about this relatively simple procedure?

ThermiTight® – No More Turkey Wattle

Nothing conveys advancing age at a glance faster than loose skin at the jawline and the neck. For those who suffer from this long-term facial fatigue, you may have even suffered the embarrassment of a child wanting to wiggle your drooping skin. Trust us, few other instances will make you feel instantly older or more painfully self-aware.

Thanks to a minimally invasive procedure called ThermiTight® that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to heat the neck and lower face tissues, you could see big results when it comes to tightening your loose skin. An added benefit to radiofrequency energy is that it actually stimulates collagen production beneath the skin, which further decreases sagging, resulting in smoother textured skin.

EMSCULPT® – Reclaim Your Body’s Youthful Definition

If you’re like most men, if you hear one more admonishment to eat right and exercise regularly, you just might lose your composure. In today’s world, it’s increasingly difficult to maintain such ideal balances. And the unfortunate consequences of that in the real world mean you’re softer in the middle and have undergone a noticeable decline in muscle tone. Fortunately, EMSCULPT® provides a non-invasive treatment that addresses these problems.

This new body sculpting treatment can help you build muscle while decreasing body fat. And because this procedure actually builds muscle tone, it will not only give your body more definition, all that new muscle tissue will help you burn excess fat with greater efficiency. The results speak for themselves, with the average man seeing a 28% reduction in fat and a 17% increase in muscle tone!

If any of these “daddy makeover” procedures sound like something you might consider, contact the offices of Buinewicz Plastic Surgery today. Drs. Brian and Annie Buinewicz have spent years providing both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures for men just like you who want people to focus on who they are, not their physical imperfections. With convenient locations in both Doylestown, Pennsylvania and Flemington, New Jersey, a younger, more vital you is closer than you think.