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Body Contouring 101: Abdominal Edition in Bucks County, PA

Body Contouring in Bucks County, PA, and Hunterdon County, NJThe midsection —it’s the area that we all want tight and toned, and one of the most challenging areas to flatten with diet and exercise. Whether it’s genetics, pregnancy, aging or massive weight loss, the abdominal area is prone to developing little pooches of fat that have us sucking in our bellies and wearing some seriously uncomfortable undergarments. If diet and exercise aren’t producing the results you want, it may be time to learn about our surgical and non-surgical options for that problematic midsection — CoolSculpting®, EMSCULPT® and abdominoplasty.

Why the Abdomen is Hard to Tone

The abdominal area is comprised of six distinct muscle groups, and each of these groups needs to be worked and built if you want a flat, toned tummy. The workouts need to be very focused, and you really need to push those muscles to their limits in order to see results. Even if your workout includes a pretty rigorous abdominal routine, you still have to deal with the fat that lies on top of the muscles, known as subcutaneous fat. This is some of the toughest fat to eliminate. You can do it, but it may take months or years.

Non-Surgical Options for Toning the Midsection

If you have dedicated yourself to giving your abdominal area a makeover and are not satisfied with the results, you may want to consider our non-surgical treatments to give you just a little bit of an advantage over the bulge. CoolSculpting® is a good option if you have good skin elasticity and muscle tone. The treatment takes about one hour, and you may eliminate as much as 20% of the excess fat. EMSCULPT® is another option that we recommend for men and women who want more muscle definition. The series of treatments builds muscle mass, and this has a secondary benefit of helping you burn more fat in your abdomen. Neither of these treatments requires any downtime.

Plastic Surgery for a Toned Midsection

If you have loose skin, several areas of excess fat or lax muscles in the abdominal area, a tummy tuck may be your best option. A full abdominoplasty addresses fat over the entire abdominal area, and our mini tummy tuck is for men and women who only need help with the area below the belly button. You will have a scar that runs from one hip bone to the other just above your pelvic region. Expect to take two to three months for recovery and swelling may last for six to twelve months.

Say Goodbye to that Tired Midsection. Contact Buinewicz Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa.

If you are tired of looking at those bumps and bulges on your belly and pinching fat on your flanks, now is the time to discuss your options with our team. Contact us to schedule a consultation to learn about CoolSculpting®, EMSCULPT® and abdominoplasty.