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Now is the Time to Spring Away from Hair Loss

Hair Restoration in Bucks County, PA, and Hunterdon County, NJThe summer and fall months have been proven to be the worst months for hair loss. In other words, if you are experiencing hair loss, you might expect the worst of your symptoms to occur during the summer and fall! This is because hair is known to grow faster in warmer weather, and slower in colder weather. Fortunately, knowing this information gives you plenty of time to address hair loss before its effects worsen. Below, we’ll explore how you can address hair loss in the spring to mitigate the effects of warmer weather.

Hair Restoration Treatments

There are a variety of hair restoration treatments, with more technologies and techniques available than ever before.


NeoGraft® is an advanced hair transplant solution that extracts and transplants hair one follicle at a time. By individually extracting hair follicles, we can produce results that are much more natural than other hair transplant techniques. Furthermore, this eliminates the presence of any scarring or unnatural hair lines. For these reasons and more, patients are turning to NeoGraft® instead of outdated techniques like strip harvesting.

NeoLTS Light Therapy

One of our more advanced treatments is NeoLTS light therapy. This treatment uses red and infrared light to stimulate hair growth without any invasive techniques. We often combine this treatment with other strategies, such as oral supplements, shampoos and conditioners. When combined with these strategies, NeoLTS light therapy can produce results in just a few weeks!


If you are looking for an effective hair restoration solution, contact us today to schedule your consultation at Buinewicz Plastic Surgery. We’ll help you identify the best hair restoration treatment for your needs so that you can enjoy fuller, healthier hair.