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Neck Lift
in Bucks County, PA, and Hunterdon County, NJ

One of the first areas of the body to show the signs of aging is the neck. Often a person’s face looks young, but the aging of their neck gives away their age. Turkey neck, something we all dread, makes you look old and worn down. If you live in Hunterdon County, New Jersey or Bucks County, Pennsylvania, you can visit Buinewicz Plastic Surgery, located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and Flemington, New Jersey to learn how board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian R. Buinewicz can smooth your neckline and give you a more youthful appearance with a simple neck lift procedure.

What Is a Neck Lift?

In the medical world, a neck lift is known as a lower rhytidectomy. It is a plastic surgery procedure that fixes neck issues, such as fatty tissue, that cause jowls to hang from the jawline. It can also correct a double chin or even the sagging skin that gives a person the appearance of having a turkey wattle.

Benefits of a Neck Lift

Many people start showing the effects of age in their necks long before they are a candidate for a total facelift. For these people, a neck lift is a perfect solution. It is much less invasive than a complete facelift, but still takes years off a person’s appearance. It can fix a double chin, eradicate sagging jowls and completely eliminate the dreadful turkey neck.

Am I a Candidate for a Neck Lift?

A person must be in overall good health to be considered a good candidate for a neck lift. If you are tired of how your neck looks, and it is making you feel less confident, neck lift surgery performed by Dr. Buinewicz may be a great option.

The Neck Lift Procedure

A neck lift is often compared to a facelift, but it is a much simpler procedure. During a neck lift, Dr. Buinewicz will make several tiny incisions in order to access the neck muscles. Through these incisions, he will tighten the muscle and relieve it of any banding effect. At this time, Dr. Buinewicz will liposuction away fatty tissue to create a tighter neckline. The final step in the procedure is to suture the incisions, apply a dressing and encase the area in a compression band.

Neck Lift Recovery

The compression band and supportive bandages Dr. Buinewicz places around your neck following surgery serve to support your neck muscles and speed up the healing process. These special bandages will ensure your comfort on those first postoperative days. It is important to keep your head elevated as much as possible during this time, even if that means sleeping in a chair. It is recommended that you move your neck as little as you can for the first two weeks after your neck lift

Generally, the doctor will remove your stitches a week after the surgery, and you can expect your discomfort to diminish about a week later. Your discomfort will dissipate about the time you start seeing the visual results of your procedure.

Dr. Buinewicz and his team recommend all their neck lift patients stay away from activities that are physically strenuous for two to three weeks following their surgery. While it is important to listen to Dr. Buinewicz, every patient heals at their own rate, so it is perfectly fine to take things slow for a time beyond his recommendations. During your recovery, attend all your scheduled follow-up visits and make sure to ask questions. It can take up to a month to see the full results of your new, younger-looking neck.

How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost?

Buinewicz Plastic Surgery has set up financing to help their patients pay their out of pocket expenses. They also accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

If you feel that your neck is making you look older, take the time to learn more about what a simple neck lift surgery, performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Brian R. Buinewicz can do for you. His offices are conveniently located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and Flemington, New Jersey, making it easier than ever for residents of Hunterdon County, New Jersey and Bucks County, Pennsylvania to join the Buinewicz Plastic Surgery family. Contact us today!