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March 25, 2020

To all our patients, friends, and colleagues,

We continue to implement and follow the guidelines and mandates by the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey as well as the local counties of our practice locations.  Our medical practice is considered essential, and we remain open to provide care for our patients.  However, given the magnitude of this pandemic, we have closed the New Jersey office until further notice, are limiting in-person visits to only those with problems that need to be seen in person, ALL elective procedures are cancelled until further notice (so far, until the end of the month) and we are staffing the office phones on a limited schedule of Tuesday and Thursday this week from 10 am to 3 pm as needed.

As always, you can reach us in an emergency by calling our main office number 215-230-4013.  If we are not staffing the phones, please follow directions to leave me an emergency message and I will get back to you as soon as possible – the office phones are linked to my phone after hours and if the lines are busy.  DO NOT text or email me for emergencies – I do not check texts or emails continuously, and these are not HIPPA compliant means of communication.

We are providing requests for virtual consultations now – you can schedule either by calling the office number or filling out a “virtual consult request” online via the website. We are enhancing our communication systems to improve our methods of communication and means of communication with you, even text notifications from the office if you choose to opt-in.

We ask that everyone use common sense – do not come to the office if you are sick, someone in your household is sick, or you have possibly been exposed to someone with the COVID–19 virus.  Maintain social distancing of 6 feet minimum in public, wash your hands often and try not to touch your face.

Any patient that needs to be seen (i.e. postoperative patient to remove drains, postoperative patient with a potential issue related to their procedure for example) will be seen by a physician and receive appropriate care.

ALL elective surgical procedures are on hold at Abington Hospital, Hunterdon Medical center, and their surgical centers as well as my office until April 6, 2020 at this point – we have not received any updates regarding operations scheduled for April yet. For those of you whose operation is rescheduled, Abington Surgical Center has stated they will try to expand hours so we can get the cancelled cases in the schedule in a timely fashion,  I do not plan on having to “bump” patients already on the schedule and will try to get those who are rescheduled into my surgical schedule as soon as feasibly possible. Patients who are waiting to schedule their operations will be contacted by my patient coordinator, Alicia, as soon as we are allowed to begin scheduling cases.

The safety and health or our staff, patients and community has always been a priority for Buinewicz Plastic Surgery and will continue to be through this crisis.  We will keep you informed of any changes as they occur.


Annie and Brian Buinewicz, M.D.


Virtual Consultations are now available! Click HERE to request your virtual consultation today!